Pocket Pak Ammo Case
Black Powder Speed Loader Cases
Pocket Pak Shot Shell and Choke Tube Cases
Flip and Load Pouch
Survival Pouch

Pocket Pak Ammo Cases

Pocket Paks slip smoothly into shirt, pants, or fanny pack pockets. They fully enclose ammunition to protect from damage and the elements.  Pocket Paks protect bullet tips from deforming, ensure a more accurate bullet and extend ammunition life. Ammo extracts easily but won’t fall out. Pocket Paks set a new standard for safety and convenience. Bullet tips, cases, and primers are all protected. Ammo Cases are sold 6 cases per Master Unit and come with 6 load labels. (3 each; translucent Orange and Green cases per Master Unit). Price - $8.95 for 6 individual cases of 1 size, master carry case, and 6 load labels. See Size Chart. 


Pocket Pak Speed Loader Cases

Pocket Pak Speed Loader Cases hold 3 speed loaders each and are designed to give the black powder sportsman double protection from the elements. These cases also keep the loads from banging around in pockets and help to avoid accidental spills. Pocket Pak Speed Loader Cases are sold in packs of two and are available in Green and Clear. Each case holds 3 Thompson/Center Quick Shot speed loaders. Contents shown not included. Price - $4.95 for 2 individual cases. 


Pocket Pak Choke Cases

Pocket Pak Choke Cases give chokes extra protection from the elements. They conveniently fit in most shirt or vest pockets. Chokes are easily extracted but will not fall out when case is opened. They work great for storage and keep chokes from rolling around the glove box or truck seat. The Pocket Pak Choke Cases are Sold 2 per bag and will hold up to three, 3 1/2” long chokes. Cases are available in Green or Clear. Contents shown not included. Price - $4.95 for 2 individual cases. 


Pocket Pak Flip & Load

The Flip & Load offers the hunter the option of carrying the Pocket Pak Bullet Cases on his belt. The outer flap is designed to hold a small flashlight, utility tool, or small folding knife. A cover flap protects the flashlight and knife. Lifting up on the outer flap accesses extra rounds. Two Bullet cases are then made available; the top one is velcroed on. By simply opening the Pocket Pak, ammunition is easily extracted for the reload. The Flip & Load will hold 8-10 extra rounds depending on the caliber. Available in Advantage Timber pattern. Pocket Paks sold separately. Contents shown not included.Price - $24.95


Survivor Pouch

Hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, backpackers, and survivalist should not leave camp without the Survivor pack. Wear the handy pouch on your belt or throw it in your pack and be ready for the worst. The survivor pouch has an outer pocket that will hold a GPS, radio, cell phone, mini flash light, and a small folding knife. There are also two inner pockets for survival equipment that zip up and keep gear completely protected from the elements. Price - $24.95