Pocket Pak Fishing Cases

Pocket Pak Fishing Cases offer a new and innovative system for the Sportsmen to store, organize, and carry their equipment. Pocket Paks keep lures from getting tangled up and damaged.  Pocket Paks are great for storing corkies, oakies, spoons, spinners, lures, small hooks, split shot, lead sinkers, jigs, swivels, beads, yarn, and plugs. Fishing Cases slip smoothly into normal shirt and vest pockets, and are designed to be used with the Pocket Pak Flip & Fish. Case contents not included.Price - $8.95 for 6 individual cases of 3 sizes and the master carry case. Sizes Available are:

9 CAVITY PP: S9-7731

6 CAVITY PP: S6-7732

3 CAVITY PP: S3-7733

2 CAVITY PP: D2-7736


1 CAVITY DEEP PP: D1-7738 


Pocket Pak Fly Cases

The Pocket Pak Fly Cases are compact and lightweight. They slip smoothly into most shirt or vest pockets. The Fly Cases are made from clear PVC plastic so flies can always be seen without having to open the case. The case comes with a ribbed foam insert so flies are held securely in place. Fly Cases fit into the Pocket Pak Flip & Fish and are sold 4 per bag. Flies not included. Price - $12.95 for 2 foamed cases and 1 (6) cavity and 1 (9) cavity case.



Pocket Pak Flip & Fish

The Flip & Fish offers the fisherman a convenient method to carry just the equipment needed right on their  side. The outer pocket is designed to hold a standard pair of needle nose pliers securely in place. By lifting the front flap, 2 Pocket Pak Fishing Cases are made available. Pocket Pak Fishing Cases slide smoothly and easily out of pockets making easy access to fishing gear. The Flip & Fish fits conveniently on belt or clips onto shorts or waders, and is made from tough black Cordura material. Sold with 2 Pocket Paks. Price - $24.95 FLIP & FISH POUCH: FF-7771